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" G R I F F " - Official Release

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

We are very excited to present our 4th album, " G R I F F "


At some point in 2014 an opportunity presented itself for THE HEAVY JACK 3 to team up with Brian Griffiths and perform at a show for Some Other Guys.

In the lead up to the show, several jam sessions were recorded in the basement of our last house in Calgary Alberta.

The songs presented on this album are the result of those sessions.

Produced by The Heavy Jack 3 in association with Poor Boy Productions Recorded at Savage Henry Studios Engineered by Adam James on a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 Cover Art by Adam James Original Songs Copyright The Heavy Jack 3 2017

Brian Griffiths - Rhythm Guitar, Guitar Solo Benjamin John - Rhythm Guitar / Lead Guitar, Vocals Adam James - Bass Guitar, Synth, Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals Jonathan Matthew - Drums, Background Vocals

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