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Updated: Jan 16

Dictionary.com defines Weather as:

3) a weathercast: The radio announcer will read the weather right after the commercial.

Urban Dictionary defines Weather as:

4) The thing out the window: It's either Cold or Hot

The Heavy Jack 3 define Weather as:


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  • The Heavy Jack 3

Dictionary.com defines Thing as:

4) things, matters; affairs: Things are going well now.

Urban Dictionary defines Thing as:

7) Things can be anything that makes you laugh. Things is what its called when you are making jokes extremely slaphappy. It also is a phrase used when your at a loss for words, the phrase "Things!" with a wiggle of the fingers can bring a smile to anybodies face! "Man, last night we said some things!"

The Heavy Jack 3 define Thing as:

HEAVY Better (things are on the way)

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  • The Heavy Jack 3

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Remember, we lived through all this shit before... we'll likely live through this too.

Don't Panic, or you'll lose a section.

#COVID19 #HindSightis2020 #BornInThe80s #RealTime #DontPanic #WeekendUpdate #SNL

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