The Heavy Jack 3 have been operating as a power trio since 2001 under one name or another and in that time have released 5 albums, 1 single and 1 EP of progressive blues rock music with an emphasis on capturing dynamic live performances and producing interesting home grown studio mixes.


From '01 to '05 with a home base mostly in Calgary we cut our teeth playing everywhere from the King Eddy to The Yale in Vancouver, even traveling as far as Toronto to play at the Silver Dollar Room for the 2002 NXNE showcase.


In the summer of '05 we decided to move to Vancouver ready to embrace one of the pillars of the Canadian music scene. Living in a cramped apartment and working various day jobs, we would spend our free time at Bully's in New Westminster - a cool low key rehearsal space where we work-shopped the material that would  become our first album. During this time we also performed around at various clubs, pubs and other spots around the Metro Vancouver area.

In the day-to-day world, we continued to build our working careers in the industrial logistics industry and were able to afford working with the talented engineers at Turtle Studios in White Rock, and Digital Sound Magic in Burnaby to record and produce 8 songs.

​On July 4th 2008 we released our 1st album Multiply to some decent feedback and we knew we wanted to make a follow up. Having witnessed a few different recording methods first hand we decided to buy some equipment and see if doing it ourselves was a viable option.


For the next 2 years Adam worked on recording many demos and in 2011 we moved back to Calgary to continue our career growth in the Industrial M.R.O. sector. During this time we upgraded to a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 and began piecing together our 2nd album using the various odd demos and cover songs we had recorded when we first experimented with home recording.


While working away on this album, we started to play around the original music scene that was happening in good ol' Cow Town at the time and eventually we took part in a pretty gravy local Battle of the Bands, where we won the band band with the most "class" award.

On May 23rd 2012 we released our 2nd album Original Copy, a surreal lo-fi mashup of samples, electronic loops, cover songs and movie references. After the release of this album we took positions with a company that would eventually send us eastward - but before that happened we captured the bed tracks in late 2012 for the 8 progressive pop songs that would eventually become our third album; it would take 4 years to complete those 8 songs.

In early 2014, a figure from our past showed back up on the scene – our guitar teacher from '98-'01, Brian “Griff” Griffiths. A mythical figure on the Mersey Beat during the early Sixties – Brian played for what was once considered the best band in Liverpool, The Big Three. His influence was wide and he left his mark on the likes of Steve Howe, Rory Gallagher, John Lennon, and George Harrison to name a few.

Brian needed a band for a fundraiser that was scheduled for a couple of months away on July 18th 2014 at the National Music Centre, he was raising funds for the Telus sponsored Flat Four Productions documentary titled Some Other Guys about The Big Three.

Leading up to this event we practiced several times with Brian in our jam space recording nearly every session. After the show came and went, having spent the majority of our time playing around BC and Alberta; we had often at one time or another talked about moving to Toronto to see what all the fuss was about.


So, we were excited to learn in late 2014 Adam had gotten word that he was being transferred to Caledon Ontario for a new job position.




In the early winter months of 2015 we drove out of Alberta and across the wind struck icy plains of Canada to Southern Ontario, where we spent nearly 5 years playing out infrequently on the local GTA scene and finishing our 3rd album What Is Love which we released on August 4th 2016.

After releasing What Is Love and trying to promote it locally we started work on finishing the sessions we had recorded with Brian a few years earlier and on July 21st 2017 we released our 4th album "GRIFF", a rough and ready rocker made up of mostly covers and a few improvised jams.

Shortly after we considered what we had accomplished to date and on April 26th 2018 we decided to release all of our music for free download on our Bandcamp page including our new 5th album stitched together from various out-takes and demos that had been cut between 2012 and 2016, titled Mr. Big & Tall.


In November of 2018 the iMac that had been the brain of our studio since 2011 quit on us during the middle of a live session. However, in upgrading to a newer model we discovered that our 16 track audio interface was no longer compatible leading us to completely upgrade our studio to a 32 track Presonus Series III mixing console.

In the summer of 2019 we decided to pack up and hit the road back to our home province of British Columbia, leaving behind the industrial concrete vista of the GTA for the Grand Pacific Ocean view once again. In returning to the west coast we have begun in earnest working with renewed focus on our original material for our 6th album.


Having built a solid framework for our original music as well as a successful formula for learning and re-arranging cover songs to fit within our style – we, The Heavy Jack 3 have the drive to push forward and continue to build our catalogue of music well into the foreseeable future.